Luke Wotton

Graphic / Web Designer (with a dash of developer)

Tom Karen Books

… is a website for selling books authored by the celebrated industrial designer, Tom Karen.

Tom Karen recently released a book commemorating the 40th anniversary of one of his iconic vehicles: the Bond Bug. He asked me to create a simple site through which the books could be sold. The design mirrors the graphic design of the book itself, with a couple of changes (I felt that the title "Ogle & the Bug" should be contained within the white stripes like the branding of the Bug itself).

What I did
Graphic Design, HTML & CSS, Jquery, Paypal Setup.

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tkbooks homepage
tkbooks author page

Art Box Workshops

… is website for a wonderful art workshop based in Cambridge.

The design had to reflect the arts & crafts feel of the workshops. When I was a kid, I had a brilliant scrapbook and all of the pages were made of blue sugar paper. This was the starting point for the site. Custom lettering was created to give it a hand-made feel.

What I did
Branding, Graphic Design, HTML & CSS, Wordpress Integration

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art box homepage
art box logo concept light
art box logo concept dark

Visual Accessibility

… is a web design philosophy of mine.

The web should be usable by everyone regardless of ability or circumstance. There has been a huge focus on how proper coding can help in this effort, and not nearly enough on how good design can help. With nearly 20% of all users suffering some level of dyslexia, well considered typography and infographics may make a site more accessible than well coded HTML.

This graphic is the start of my efforts to make people more aware of the impact of design on accessibility. Watch this space for more!

art box homepage

European Storytelling Archive

… is a video archive of folk stories passed down by word-of-mouth across Europe.

I was asked to create an experimental design for the European Storytelling Archive that steered away from the more "clinical" video archive designs such as YouTube. Instead they wanted to trial a design that fully embraced the nature of folk stories. I used warm earthy colours, an "enchanted forest" footer and a hand-drawn logo whilst making sure that the site's content remained the focus.

What I did
Branding, Graphic Design, HTML & CSS

ESA contact us page
ESA video search results
ESA logo concept light
ESA logo concept dark

Frank Stella Experiment

… is an exercise in CSS & HTML coding, themed around the great artist Frank Stella.

The challenge was to create 3 very different websites that all shared the same HTML — the designs could only be changed via CSS. I chose Frank Stella as he is one of my favourite artists. Furthermore, he is a master of reinvention, changing his style significantly throughout his career.

The designs reflect distinct periods in his career: minimalist and maximalist. One design depicts the transition of styles.

What I did
Graphic Design, HTML & CSS

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frank stella experiment maximalism
frank stella experiment maximalism close up
frank stella experiment minimalism
frank stella experiment transition

Generic Photography

… is a simple photography website template.

What makes this particular template special is that the galleries display the photographs in full screen whilst retaining their proper proportions. It always frustrates me to see photography websites where the photographs are squeezed into tiny boxes. I wrote a small Jquery plugin to display the photographs at full screen, even when the window is resized!

What I did
Graphic Design, HTML & CSS, JQuery

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photography template homepage
photograpy template gallery select
full screen gallery

Kibbles & Bits

… is a compilation of various other pieces of work that I've created.

Here you'll find various pieces of graphic art, 3D renders and videos (3D modelling & animation has always been a bit of an obsession of mine using 3DS Max, Maya, Adobe After Effects and, more recently, Cinema4D) and some screenshots of some stuff that I'm currently working on.


billy the exploding rabbit
claire moynihan homepage concept
typographic self portrait
iClone 3D render